About Us

Our History

Alpine Camper Design is a family run camper van conversion business and we have a serious passion for all manner of outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking and climbing. Consequently, we have also spent many years converting regular vans into campers in our spare time, so that we could travel all over the UK to take advantage of all the truly amazing places that nature has provided to partake in our favourite activities.

Our collective backgrounds as time served carpenters and designers meant that we were able to pull from our wealth of experience and expertise, to carry out some truly ingenius and highly stylish camper van conversions.


As our friends and family discovered our creations, we found that we were getting more and more serious requests from people who had seen the high standards of our conversions, and so, Alpine Camper Design was born!


Each project that we work on is designed to suit the customer’s requirements from materials used to colour schemes. We love to work closely with people who are aiming to get the most from their valuable relaxation time and who appreciate meticulous attention to detail and superb craftsmanship.